Most Reliable E Rickshaw Manufacturer in India

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, we are looking for ways to get rid of practices that contribute to pollution. In India, we are not only a densely populated region, but we also have too many vehicles on our roads. These numerous motorcycles, rickshaws, and cars have immensely affected the air quality in most of the metropolitan cities & the requirement of the best E Rickshaw Manufacturers have taken arise in India. Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for vehicles is a win-win. We can beat pollution which will in turn improve air quality.

We will no more depend on oils and thus become a fully self-sustained society. Looking at the numerous benefits, the Indian government has announced that by 2025, only e-bikes and e-rickshaws shall be allowed. Instead of petrol and diesel, we depend on electricity for electric vehicles.

The government has made sure that it is not just the end-user who benefits. E-rickshaw manufacturers are offered subsidies and cuts on taxes. E-rickshaw manufacturers also seem to have started to make the most of the situation. In 2019, when sales of all other vehicles saw a decline, the e-vehicle sales remained largely unaffected. In less than a decade, India's e-rickshaw fleet has crossed 1.5 million. Today, almost 11,000 e-rickshaws are sold every month.

Although in the beginning, the e-rickshaw industry remained largely unorganized, with time, many giants have also joined the bandwagon. E-rickshaws provide a multitude of benefits for both manufacturers and users. Users will be joining hands to reduce the effects of years of air pollution. The manufacturers, on the other hand, can claim benefits from the government for playing their part in encouraging sustainable development. E-rickshaws has zero emissions. Thus, the more they become popular, the better it is for the environment.

Owing to the benefits mentioned above, the competition among e-rickshaw manufacturers is stiff! One needs to have additional features to attract buyers. The manufacturers are having a gala time as e-rickshaws can be used in both urban and semi-urban areas. While in urban areas, e-rickshaws have already become a popular option for last-mile connectivity, in semi-urban areas they are a primary form of transport.

E-Rickshaw Manufacturers In Bangalore

Bengaluru being the IT hub of the country attracts a huge number of migrants from all across the country. With a high population, it is not a good idea for everyone to privately own vehicles. The city is already witnessing massive traffic jams. While some people use pool cabs and public transport, there is still a significant amount of air pollution in the city. For people owning regular rickshaws, it is the right time to make the shift. Bangalore is home to numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses. E-rickshaw manufacturers are not an exception.

Following the saying ‘Become the change, before change changes you,’ Deltic (A unit of Delta Autocorp LLP) became one of the first companies to start the transition to e-rickshaws. Not only did they make a start but have maintained their position in the top 10 e-rickshaws in India. Find more about Deltic’s e-rickshaws at The company was started with a vision to revolutionize the transport system. E-rickshaws manufactured by Deltic has a reputation of being futuristic, sustainable, and affordable – the three features we all look for in an EV.

Manufacturers like these are the driving force behind any positive change because even if people are ready to try a new means of transport or shift to an eco-friendly practice, it is not possible without support and supply from the market. Thus, Deltic has made sure to be the bridge between the common man and eco-friendly travel.

Before approaching a manufacturer, make sure that their vehicles are RTO approved. The state government is supporting e-rickshaw manufacturers with incentives. Since last mile connectivity is one of the main applications of e-rickshaws, the government announced that it would install charging points at metro stations.

E-rikshaw manufacturers in Kolkata

When the EV wave hit, this metropolitan city was quick to ride along. Hundreds of pedal-pushed rickshaws were converted to e-rickshaws. This is a good idea because in case the battery drains out, the driver can manually pedal it and still offer rides. In the heat of peak summer, drivers can now go for a greater number of rides without getting exhausted (which they would otherwise lose while pedaling the rickshaw). Maintenance of an e-rickshaw is easy. Due to the multitude of benefits it provides, the metropolitan city has seen a surge in the number of e-rickshaw manufacturers.

Deltic is a major manufacturer and supplier of e-rickshaws in Kolkata. Get in touch with Deltic at Deltic is on a mission to convert every form of transport into electric. Deltic’s e-rickshaws – Deltic Star and Deltic Vista are the ultimate e-rickshaws one can own today. Some of the attractive features of the Deltic e-rickshaws include –a strong and sturdy double-bonded chassis, can run for 125 km with a single charge, safety in design, and 25% higher mileage than any other e-rickshaw in India.

In the journey so far, Deltic left no stone unturned in bringing e-rickshaws and EVs to the general public. Therefore, Deltic provides attractive plans for dealers. Striking a dealership with Deltic is likely to be easier due to these dealer-friendly plans.

E-Rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi

It is a well-known fact that the air quality in our capital city New Delhi has been decreasing to notoriously low levels. Thus, if there is any city in urgent need of greener commuting options, it is Delhi.

Deltic is a top e-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi. Their products are both efficient and affordable. With offices in Kolkata and Delhi, Deltic which started with the motive of making e-rickshaws an easily accessible mode of transport stands today as one among the top 10 e-rickshaw manufacturers in India.

Deltic is one of Delhi's best battery rickshaw manufacturers. Their EVs are of unmatched quality and are available at an economical price. With low-cost maintenance and unmatched performance, e-rickshaws from Deltic are a dealer's favorite! These rickshaws are user-friendly. You can easily start driving them from day 1.

E-Rickshaw manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Uttar Pradesh is a large state both – area wise and population-wise. Although the air quality is much better in Ghaziabad when compared to that of top-tier cities like Delhi/Mumbai, there is no harm in switching to eco-friendly alternatives while commuting. In 2016, the Central Government even sanctioned a huge amount to distribute free e-rickshaws to the people of UP.

Since e-rickshaws leave no trails of fume behind, they quickly became a popular mode of transport.

Dealers from all over the country can obtain the best e-rickshaws from Deltic, which is a top brand based in Delhi and Kolkata.

They are one of the best electric rickshaw suppliers too. Deltic e-rickshaw manufactures and exports its high-quality e-rickshaws. They are moreover among the top 10 e-rickshaws in India.

Ghaziabad was one home to numerous pedal rickshaws. There are several disadvantages to this. Manually operated rickshaws are too slow. The rickshaw puller can only offer fewer rides as they lose energy quickly. When people are forced to manually bear the weight of other humans for livelihood, it is seen as a human rights violation as well.

Therefore, the benefits of e-rickshaw coupled with encouragement from the government have made many rickshaw pullers to either buy an e-rickshaw or convert their pedal rickshaw into a hybrid vehicle.

E-rickshaw manufacturer in Bihar

Bihar, just like its neighbor UP, is a highly populated state. Thus, the government has taken steps to implement e-rickshaws in Bihar as well. The Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL) in 2019, allocated funds to help people shift to e-rickshaws. At the time, the cost of an e-rickshaw was about 1.6 lakh. The PSCL proposed that it would bear 1 lakh for each buyer. It also proposed the recruitment of a dedicated agency to survey and identify the routed where these rikshaws can ply.

Owing to incentives from the government, people have started buying and using e-rickshaws. This has led to many electric rickshaw suppliers blooming in the state.

Dealers from all over the country can obtain the best e-rickshaws from Deltic, which is a top brand based in Delhi and Kolkata.

Deltic offers e-rickshaws that have several attractive features such as best mileage, wide and comfortable seats, long battery life, and less charging time. They have established themselves among the top e-rickshaw manufacturers in Bihar. Along with EVs, they also deal with spare parts needed for electric vehicles. E-rickshaws have become a popular commuting option for citizens.

One of the main benefits is, the fares of e-rickshaws are not depending on fuel prices. We all are well aware that fuel prices keep fluctuating. Irrespective of this, e-rickshaws will always remain affordable. If you need to know what are Electric Rickshaw Price in various parts of India, read our related article on that topic.

E-rickshaw specifications

In the EV industry today, specifications are important. As dealers and buyers are quickly on the path to transformation, they are becoming aware of the specifications and certifications. The most important certification that dealers look for is ICAT certification.

To confirm the safety of the E-rickshaws design, dealers trust brands with the iCAT certification. Deltic’s e-rickshaws are ICAT certified. Before any other feature, the safety of design is the top priority. With these e-rickshaws, safety is guaranteed for all passengers.

Next, we shall see the engineering. Both Deltic Star and Deltic Vista have been engineered using cutting edge technology. As the e-rickshaws can comfortably run for about 125 km on a single charge, the drivers need not worry about stopping frequently to charge the vehicle. The steering function is quite easy to operate. Since a large percentage of e-rickshaws will be owned by people who shift from pedal rickshaws. Thus, Deltic has taken care to design the e-rickshaws such that they are easy to operate. The rickshaws are high on efficiency while being low maintenance vehicles.

Deltic’s e-rickshaws are available in various cool colors. Let us now look at some of the specifications.

  • Contains Lead-Acid batteries (Company – Exide and Eastman). The battery weighs 120 Kg and 150kg depending upon the battery used
  • There are 5 batteries (60V 110Ah) in STAR model and 4 batteries (48V 110Ah) in VISTA model
  • Has an excellent range of 125 km
  • It has a capacity of 5 (Driver + 4 passengers)
  • When loaded with 490 kgs, the e-rickshaw can climb 10 degree
  • Tubular M.S. Heavy Duty Chassis that weighs 240 kgs
  • Dimensions – 2790mm * 990mm * 1790mm
  • 1000w rating output
  • Colors – Blue, black, red, yellow, green, white, silver
  • It has a sturdy roof made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic

Deltic's e-rickshaws have all the necessary certifications that guarantee the safety of the design. The specification and features are quite attractive too. In addition to this, Deltic has maintained its position in the top 10 e-rickshaw manufacturers in India. Thus, if you are a dealer looking for an e-rickshaw manufacturer you can bank upon, Deltic would be a great choice.

In the next section, we see what the process is for dealers to a dealership from e-rickshaw manufacturing brands. It is a quick and simple process provided you fulfill the minimum requirements.

E-rickshaw Dealership

Looking at the generous incentives rolled out by the government, it is not surprising that people are now interested in obtaining e-rickshaw dealerships. How does one obtain an e-rickshaw dealership in India?

It is quite a simple process. You can contact the company either through their website or email or phone call. Let them know that you are interested in obtaining a dealership. The company will ask you to fill an official application form. The form will have your details and other questions such as – have you dealt with EVs before, how much space do you have, the amount you can invest, etc… If your answers fulfill the minimum requirement, you will most likely strike a dealership with the company.

Companies such as Deltic have attractive offers for dealers from both urban and rural regions. With startups, you do not have to pay huge amounts just to become a dealer. The offers ensure that the first year is fruitful for the dealer.

If you are looking for a reliable e-rickshaw manufacturer in Delhi, Deltic ( should be your first choice. Deltic has a range of eco-friendly vehicles – e-rickshaw, e-loader, and e-scooter. Deltic e-rickshaws are known to provide the utmost safety to its riders. It comes with a low maintenance cost. Deltic has been having increasing demand in market because they are also a leading manufacturer of electric scooter company in India. Thus, the owner can gain as well. With a single charge, it can support up to 125 km. Deltic e-rickshaws have proven to be good in the mileage section as well. They provide 25% higher mileage than other e-rickshaws. Deltic has a skilled R&D team behind all of its products. Thus, they are a reliable choice.


1. How can I buy e-rickshaw?

One can easily buy an e-rickshaw from any state/city in the country. Do a web search to know about the manufacturers in your city/state. Look for a reputed brand. There are giants as well as young entrepreneurs who make quality e-rickshaws. One must ensure whether the e-rickshaw has ICAT certification and RTO certification. .

2. Which battery is best for e-rickshaw?

While there are many batteries available for e-rickshaws, how does one choose the best? One must look for features such as fast rechargeability and low-top up the frequency. It is best if the battery is delivered in such a condition that it can directly be fitted to the vehicle. Exide makes high-quality batteries, especially for e-rickshaws.

3. How many batteries are there in e-rickshaw?

It is common for e-rickshaws to be powered by 4 acid lead batteries of 12V each.

4. How fast can e-rickshaws go?

Most e-rickshaws can reach a top speed in the range of 48 -53 kmph. However, the government has fixed the maximum speed for e-rickshaws at 25km/hr.

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