One of the Most Prestigious E Rickshaw Manufactures in India

Delhi Market Is the Test Market for E Rickshaw Manufactures in India

The date of 4th March 2015 had been a big date for any E Rickshaw manufacturer in India. It was the date when Parliament of India finally passed the motion to approve the existence of E Rickshaw manufacturers in India. Right after that, the city like Delhi saw a huge surge in the demand of E Rickshaw dealership. Delhi gradually emerged as the pioneer in this field, because the existing modes of transport in the city were facing the threat of environmental hazards. The result of this exercise is right in front of us. We, at Deltic, are now capturing the market of E Rickshaw dealership in Delhi. As an E Rickshaw manufacturer in India, these demands of test-market are enabling us to improve our products further. It is happening because the market of Delhi is giving us prompt feedbacks about the quality and the servicing structure, which is associated with our products.

A Sincere Player like Us Is Treating This Phase as the Test-Run Phase

The recent times have seen the evolution of E Rickshaw manufacturers in India. One of the factors for this is the makeshift arrangement; which also indicates about an arrangement which is better than certain previous options. However, we cannot consider such makeshift arrangement as the best available option. At the turn of the previous decade, most of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers were selling their experimental designs as such makeshift models. However, the fateful day of 4th March 2015 changed the course of the history for regular E-Rickshaw dealership seekers. Most of E Rickshaw manufacturers in India launched their products with great fanfare; none of them really acknowledged the fact that most of the designs that are present in the market are an improved version of the previous models. People seeking for E Rickshaw dealership in Delhi. are now queuing up for Deltic dealership, because we, at Deltic, are still treating it as a test-run and improving the quality of our products with every new generation of the products, which is hitting the market.

Deltic Is the Name, the Arm!

Our products are carving a niche in the market, because the testing of our products is done in the labs. Most of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers India are releasing this technology in a rush. Most of them are enjoying a flash in the pan presence in the market. It means that, as an E-Rickshaw manufacture in Delhi, you might feel that your business is losing sheen after the saturation point. Most of the E-Rickshaw manufacturers India simply follow the formula of producing a product and releasing it instantly. We, at Deltic, on the other hand, are constantly improving our products and making businesses self-sustainable.

Rise in the Price Is Always Better to Sustain in the Market

Check out the price list of our products and compare them with other E Rickshaw manufacturers in India. We, at Deltic, are constantly improving our products and this is why we are commanding a better price in the market. An average E-Rickshaw dealership in Delhi is reeling under the pressure of price wars. Most of the other E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India are just trying to repackage the same type of vehicle again and again and try to move ahead with the help of price war. Deltic, on the other hand, is giving you an upper hand if you own an E-Rickshaw dealership it is adding a class and ergonomics into the offerings. It is providing a new literature for the firms that are seeking E-Rickshaw dealership in Delhi. This product knowledge coming from the side of an esteemed E-Rickshaw manufacture in India is setting new trends in the markets and setting up new rules for it. If you are running an E-Rickshaw dealership under a partnership with Deltic then this alliance gives you a guarantee of sustainability attached to it. It means that you are in touch with one of the best E-Rickshaw manufacturers in India and you are running on an information highway where latest development in the design and the trade practices are supporting you all the time. Your association with Deltic is only going to give you fruits from this association with a lot of benefits packaged in the bag of business merits.


Deltic has used cutting edge robotic technology to develop Star. This e-rickshaw has an easy to operate steering function and top of the line technology to make it low on maintenance and high on efficiency. The Star is ahead from any other vehicle on the road with an astonishing 25% more mileage. One charge a day lasts more than 125km without stopping for multiple charging sessions, you reach home more than satisfied. The Engineering is precise and is validated through Computer-aided engineering Analysis and on Road Testing.


suspension ensures high impact absorption, gives a smooth ride with no wear and tear on uneven roads and even potholes. It’s especially designed for Indian roads.


Safety is the prime focus at every step when we create advanced products. We ensure that with comfort, design and superiority, the user is driving the safest vehicle on the road. From the tyres to the roof, everything is carefully manufactured to give you a safe journey. It all starts with wide tyres for that extra grip and complementing thick brakes for superior braking. In addition to that the solid steel rear bumper is equipped to absorb high intensity collisions. It’s complemented at the back by a solid metal guard to protect the rear lights. Furthermore, the handbrake is placed meticulously right next to the driver, so it can be easily reached during emergencies. Lastly the ‘Star’ shines brighter with an ABS roof and waterproof wiring.

Muscle Motor

Our Brushless Direct Current Motor motors have a RPM of 6800 when compared to 3100 RPM of conventional motors. This provides high starting torque that helps in smooth start, pick up and also in climbing hilly terrains.



The biggest benefit of Star is that it lets you save more with every ride you take. It enables drivers to save a huge amount on their regular expenses and take more income home everyday. This is easily explained in the cost comparison table.

E-Three Wheelers

Electricity price per unit
Rs.5.5 / Unit

Electricity Consumed for full charge 7 units

Distance travelled on single charge 120 km

Cost of electricity per day Rs.38.5

Gasoline Autorickshaw

Gas price per kg Rs.50 / litre

Mileage 24 km/litre

Distance travelled 120 km

Cost of gasoline consumed per day Rs.250


Saving per day Rs.211.5 
Savings in one year (330 days) Rs.69,795

Total Savings in three years Rs.2,09,385