Deltic is built on the strong foundation of BMA group, a group that has pioneered since 1920’s and now has a turnover of more than 300 million dollars. Sustainability and the spirit of 'giving back to society' is a core philosophy and good corporate citizenship is strongly embedded in our DNA. BMA group has adhered to bi-pronged philosophy of risk-taking and fostering an ethics-based environment; We systematically promote excellence through quality to meet the expectations of both domestic and international clients.

BMA is a successful example of how traditional experience seamlessly works with the constantly evolving generation. BMA has successfully triumphed many heights by venturing into:  

1. Steel- BMA Stainless Ltd.
2. Ferro Alloys- Maithan Alloys Ltd.
3. Cement- Purvanchal Cement Ltd.
4. Refractories- National Refractories Pvt. Ltd.
5. Stock broking & Financial advisory- BMA Wealth Creators.

BMA group is bringing an array of successful expertise by seamlessly infusing the experience of traditional methods with contemporary solutions. Utilisation of the latest production techniques combined with the most reliable partners in logistics provides a seamless availability of superior products at the right place and at the right time; our energetic marketing team and the sales channel endeavours to delight customers across geographies. The relationship with this group goes beyond sale, customers get exceptional technical guidance on maintenance and effective application of products provided by our group companies.

The group has taken multifarious initiatives for value creation, some of which have already yielded rich dividends. BMA is the largest manufacturer and exporter of manganese alloys in India and the fourth largest in the world in international trade.   Deltic with BMA group as its foundation is bound to build a future that will be a legacy for generations.

Know more about BMA www.bmaind.com


Deltic is a leading manufacturer of alternative energy vehicles specializing in electric vehicles for multiple applications covering a diverse range of transportation options.  

At Deltic, we focus on providing highly effective solutions using the most sophisticated components coupled with delivering the highest standards of reliability and efficiency, while setting benchmarks in design and style.  

Deltic vehicles have the added advantage of advanced and researched electric system, which results in extended usage cycles and increased life span as well as lower operating and maintenance costs (compared to traditional Internal Combustion powered alternatives).

We elected to build our own infrastructure, enhance our production capabilities, and establish our critical alliances before taking on the demands of today’s transportation industry. That's how we guarantee the best solution with the industry’s shortest lead time on vehicles.  

Our goal is to provide customers with quality alternative energy transportation options and excellent customer service, and to reduce environmental impacts around the world. Deltic aims to be the leader in green mobility. With its extensive research and development especially of the Indian conditions and passengers, it’s equipped to provide green mobility solutions for a cleaner, greener and pollution free India.


Every country in the world is under the threat of global warming. One of the major factors all across is the emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles. Increasing population and development has created an enormous demand for energy and transportation. Research has shown that this constant adding of carbon dioxide in the environment is leading to depleting environmental conditions and is a big threat to sustaining the human race. 

The energy content in one litre of petrol is equivalent to that of 8 units of electricity but the ‘work output’ that we can expect form one litre of petrol is far lower than that from 8 units of electricity. Hence, by using electricity instead of petro-products, we are using the most efficient form of energy and are also shifting release of heat from densely populated areas to sparsely populated areas. This works like magic resulting in a very significant positive change in the living conditions in cities and towns.  

Moreover, we are driven by the passion to create a positive living environment for the future generations.