Battery Operated Rickshaw Manufacturer – The “Star” of the Market!

The Star – A New Promise from Deltic, the Best E-Rickshaw Company in India

The battery operated rickshaws have gained popularity in the sub-continent of India in the recent years. The reasons are many. Many consumers are becoming environment-conscious. The Indian Government is also encouraging people to invest in it by offering incentives and subsidies. The day is not far off when the battery operated rickshaw becomes a part of urban reality on Indian roads. Deltic, the best battery operated rickshaw manufacturer has launched “Star,” which is an e-rickshaw that is suitable for plying on the Indian roads.

Deltic, the Battery Operated Rickshaw Manufacturer is in the Forefront of Green Mobility

India is a country where the mobility sharing concept works wonders due to the traffic congestion and the pollution on roads. The number of auto-rickshaws plying on the roads has had a degrading effect on the environmental scenario. It is high time that the communities make a combined effort to address the harsh realities of environmental degradation and make committed changes to switching to electric vehicles for transportation. “Star,” which is an e-rickshaw, is one such promising vehicle that is manufactured by the battery operated rickshaw manufacturer, Deltic. It is an excellent alternative to the CNG/ Diesel/Petrol-driven rickshaw that is the main culprit for pollution.

The Best E-Rickshaw Company Strives to Make India an Environment-friendly Nation

The e-rickshaw seems to be the best viable option both for the customer as well as the user. The passengers benefit as they have to pay less for the transportation cost. Initially, the e-rickshaws were either fully imported from China or assembled here. But with the initiative of ‘Make in India’ by the central Indian Government, almost all the parts of the e-rickshaws are manufactured here leading to the growth of an entire small-scale industry. Deltic, the battery operated rickshaw manufacturer has been in the forefront of the green revolution. Its new offering is in the form of Star that is an e-rickshaw. It has shown tremendous promise to change the face of battery operated vehicles in India.

Deltic, the Battery Operated Rickshaw Manufacturer has Revolutionized the Transportation System in India

It is in the hands of each individual to make a conscious effort to support the plying of e-rickshaws on the Indian roads and to avail these facilities. Bringing of the battery operated vehicles on the roads succeed when it gets the appropriate support structure. Stakeholders have to work to ensure that the e-rickshaws are properly regulated. The necessary support infrastructure has to be provided by the government. Deltic, the battery operated rickshaw manufacturer has set its eyes on the future when e-rickshaws become the smart choice in the cities striving to have a clean green environment.

Futuristic, Sustainable, and Affordable Connectivity is the Dream of the Best E-Rickshaw Company

Deltic, the battery operated vehicle manufacturer is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for eco-friendly innovation. It is transforming the Indian transportation system by its products. Both its e-rickshaw and the electric scooter have been revolutionary products that have created something beyond the extraordinary. Deltic, the best e-rickshaw company focuses on providing mobility solutions that are both cost-effective and environment-friendly. Its e-rickshaw, “Star” is a zero-emission vehicle. It is equipped with advanced technology and contemporary design to make it the best product in its category.

The Battery Operated Vehicle Manufacturer, Deltic, Contributes to a Sustainable Transportation

Deltic, the best e-rickshaw company in India is providing smart mobility for a smarter world. It is building the next step for electric vehicles by wireless connectivity through mobile or web application. Be ready for some great announcements from Deltic. It is developing the state-of-the-art wireless platform. It will help you to monitor the progress and requirements of your e-rickshaw wherever you go. Maintenance of your e-rickshaw has never been this simple. “Star,” the e-rickshaw from Deltic, the battery-operated vehicle manufacturer is making heads turn wherever it goes. Unique by design and functionality, it sure is the modern green vehicle that will transform the way people perceive electric vehicles. Star has all the features and specifications that make it the best in its class. STAR is truly the brightest star. Battery operated rickshaws are what you would love to see more often on the Indian roads!


Deltic has used cutting edge robotic technology to develop Star. This e-rickshaw has an easy to operate steering function and top of the line technology to make it low on maintenance and high on efficiency. The Star is ahead from any other vehicle on the road with an astonishing 25% more mileage. One charge a day lasts more than 125km without stopping for multiple charging sessions, you reach home more than satisfied. The Engineering is precise and is validated through Computer-aided engineering Analysis and on Road Testing.


suspension ensures high impact absorption, gives a smooth ride with no wear and tear on uneven roads and even potholes. It’s especially designed for Indian roads.


Safety is the prime focus at every step when we create advanced products. We ensure that with comfort, design and superiority, the user is driving the safest vehicle on the road. From the tyres to the roof, everything is carefully manufactured to give you a safe journey. It all starts with wide tyres for that extra grip and complementing thick brakes for superior braking. In addition to that the solid steel rear bumper is equipped to absorb high intensity collisions. It’s complemented at the back by a solid metal guard to protect the rear lights. Furthermore, the handbrake is placed meticulously right next to the driver, so it can be easily reached during emergencies. Lastly the ‘Star’ shines brighter with an ABS roof and waterproof wiring.

Muscle Motor

Our Brushless Direct Current Motor motors have a RPM of 6800 when compared to 3100 RPM of conventional motors. This provides high starting torque that helps in smooth start, pick up and also in climbing hilly terrains.



The biggest benefit of Star is that it lets you save more with every ride you take. It enables drivers to save a huge amount on their regular expenses and take more income home everyday. This is easily explained in the cost comparison table.

E-Three Wheelers

Electricity price per unit Rs.5.5 / Unit
Electricity Consumed for full charge 7 units
Distance travelled on single charge 120 km
Cost of electricity per day Rs.38.5

Gasoline Autorickshaw

Gas price per kg Rs.50 / litre
Mileage 24 km/litre
Distance travelled 120 km
Cost of gasoline consumed per day Rs.250


Saving per day Rs.211.5 
Savings in one year (330 days) Rs.69,795

Total Savings in three years Rs.2,09,385