EZ is created to be a part of the lives of everyone from the young ones to the elderly. It has been designed carefully after extensive research and the end product crosses all expectations and benchmarks when it comes to design. The scooter has been crafted in such a way that it’s bound to grab the spotlight on the road or when it’s parked. The design is contemporary and reflects modernity in every sense. EZ comes in a range of vibrant colours that suits every personality.


EZ has been developed under the supervision of expert minds and intensive research and development. A big focus was on the new technology used in our headlamps that makes your drive safer by providing you more visible range while travelling in the dark. In addition to that a longer telescopic suspension gives you the smoothest ride on the road. Lastly, superior safety alloy wheels provide balanced weight distribution for a smooth journey.


EZ is carefully designed and developed to give exemplar safety to its customers. A dedicated team of highly skilled individuals equipped with advanced technology and processes make EZ safe at every crossroad. You and your loved ones will be in safe hands and behind safe handles.

EZ comes to your garage with a promise of low maintenance, zero emission and infinite savings.