More Than Technology

Adapting the ideas and visions core to our business, we have created advanced technology to revolutionize sustainable mobility and global environmental standards. Our electric vehicles are an epitome of technological advancement providing 25% more mileage compared to any other vehicle on the road.  We have carefully and meticulously manufactured our vehicles with top of the line components from specific alliances and partnerships to outsmart every other electric vehicle on the road in terms of technology, design and sustainability.

Our vehicles are equipped with the state-of-the-art Brushless Direct Current Motor which provides a seamless and smooth riding experience. Our motors have been carefully designed after extensive research and development to generate an RPM in excess of 6800 compared to 3100 RPM of conventional motors. This provides instant torque for a smooth start and pick up; secondly it enables our vehicles to climb hilly areas easily.


Deltic started with a vision to make this world a better place. Its core value is reflecting in its final product of zero emission vehicles. Deltic strives to be the inception of green mobility across India and overseas, with a focus on providing mobility solutions which are both cost effective and environment friendly. We aim to create the latest in innovation, unmatched mobility, environmental sustainability and more smiles per mile.

Deltic is building the next step for electric vehicles by connecting them wirelessly through mobile or web application. Deltic is developing a state-of-the-art wireless platform , so you can monitor the progress and requirements of your vehicle wherever you go.


At Deltic, we have created a revolution in mobility where technology meets art. Every vehicle is equipped with advanced technology and contemporary design to make it an unmatched product in the existing electric vehicle industry. Carefully designed by our team to give comfort to passengers for their long and short journeys. All our departments worked cohesively to make a product that is a big contribution in sustainable transportation with dynamic designs.